Buddha's Boot Camp - Learn To Meditate with Gina Caputo

$ 39.00

Gina Caputo's Buddha's Boot Camp helps you develop a regular seated meditation practice that you can commit to for life. Most of us were taught that meditation was about "quieting your mind" or were told to "empty your mind", which makes mediation feel like an exercise in futility! What if that wasn't exactly it? And it is more about cultivating awareness to observe the fluctuations of your mind and begin to take a more active role in where your attention goes and how you respond to what arises in life? The fruits of a daily mediation practice impact every single area of your life in profound ways.

In this week-long online course, we'll explore mindfulness via illuminating lecture to demystify the practice and experience a daily seated meditation. The video meditations and support documents will come to your inbox daily from Gina so that you can be in any time zone or sit any time each day that works for you.

This mediation program is for everyone. And if you've already participated in a Buddha's Boot Camp with Gina, this new format will be a great tune up to get back on track!

At the end of the course, you'll receive 2 audio guided meditations to support your continuing practice.

Dates: Sunday, January 12 - Saturday, January 18, 2020 


  • Earlybird (before Nov 12) $39 for 7 video sessions, daily PDFs, 2 audio meditations 
  • Regular (after Nov 12) $54 for 7 video sessions, daily PDFs, 2 audio meditations

Please note: Online courses are not refundable. Continuing with the registration process indicates your acceptance of this policy.

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