Buddha's Boot Camp - Meditate Together with Gina Caputo (Online) - Begins January 2019

$ 38.00

Buddha's Boot Camp is about getting your TUSH on the CUSH! In other words, finding a regular seated meditation practice workable. Most of us were taught that meditation was about "quieting your mind" or were told to "empty your mind", which makes mediation feel like an exercise in futility. What if that wasn't exactly it? And it was more about cultivating the inner witness and observing?

In this week-long online course, we'll explore mindfulness via illuminating lecture to demystify the practice and a group sit. The meditations will happen live with Gina Caputo in our private Facebook Group but will also be available for any sit you miss or if the schedule doesn't quite work for you. Live attendees will be able to engage and ask questions too. The first Sunday session is all the practicals and preparation for the week. Then, each morning we'll be together for approximately 1 hour for a combination of teaching and sitting together in meditation.

You will be given directions for joining the group as well as supplementary materials in a welcome email after registering. As such, please register absolutely no later Friday, January 11th so you can receive those materials!

If you've already participated in a Buddha's Boot Camp, this would be a great tune up regardless but this year has a new daily focus that can enrich what you've experienced in past years!

Dates: Sunday, January 13 - Saturday, January 19, 2019 

Time: 7:00am - 8:00am MOUNTAIN TIME
Sessions will be recorded live and available for you to watch/practice at a different time if you are unable to join live for each morning.

Investment: $38 for 7 sessions

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