Yogi Summer School (Online)

$ 69.00

Not the dreaded summer school of yesteryear!!

We've crafted a 3-week online summer school program for yogis that fits in to even the most fun, jam-packed summers! This program shows you the way to get the most out of your summer in body, mind and spirit. Each day of summer school a new teaching from Tracey, Julia or Gina will pop into your inbox and give you a practice to support your best summer yet!

Monday-Friday, June 3-21, 2019

Yogi Summer School is open to everyone but the entire program counts for 9 non-contact hours of continuing education for any Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teachers that participate!


Join Tracey Garcia, your guide in Summer School Yoga Asana, for cooling, nourishing, fluid practices specifically crafted to pacify the fiery Pitta energy that dominates summer and that supports a reserve of stamina for FUN. Throughout the course, she will guide you with yoga asana tips and other cooling practices to keep you in balance.


Join Ayurvedic Practitioner Julia Clarke, your guide in Summer School Ayurveda, in applying natural, simple holistic health strategies to stay both fueled and cool all summer long. Along with some Ayurveda fundamentals, Julia provides guidance for a smart summer diet, a daily self-care routine (dinacharya), recipes and other remedies for balancing the hot energy of summer.


Join Gina Caputo, your guide in Summer School Meditation, in turning inward with meditation and contemplation to complement and balance all your outward flowing energy this summer. Her offerings include mudras, pranayamas and guided meditations. She specializes in accessibility - these practices will be just long enough to make a difference but short and simple enough for everyone to fit into their days.
For your convenience, this program is all online, you'll receive an email before the program starts outlining the details and a new email each day with the video, audio or written teaching of the day included in it and you can decide when in the day to explore the practice!

This program counts for 9 hours of non-contact continuing education through Yoga Alliance!

Please read our refund policy before continuing. Continuing with registration indicates your acknowledgement and acceptance of our refund policy. Thank you!

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