We are raising the bar for yoga teacher trainings and continuing education! Through inspired leadership and selective collaboration, we are providing opportunities of the highest caliber for students of yoga to expand their horizons and develop their passions.

Our high quality yoga programming includes exceptional Yoga Alliance Registered 200-hour foundational yoga teacher trainings and 300-hour advanced trainings and additionally goes well beyond the minimum standards by curating extraordinary continuing education in related areas of focus and specialization.



We are dedicated to educating extraordinary yoga teachers and providing valuable continuing yoga education for those who have a hunger for both academic and practical knowledge and are looking to hone their offerings to be passionate, authentic and inspired teachers. Our trainings pay homage to the eclectic and vibrant history of Yoga with a focus on Integrated Vinyasa™ and its applications in modern society. Integrated Vinyasa™ is a yoga practice rooted in intelligent, natural evolutionary patterns and emphasizes the subtle inner work we access via our physical bodies and movement. It unifies the polarities of alignment and flow, anatomy and energetics, science and philosophy, engagement and relaxation, outer and inner, focus and release, structure and spontaneity, and work and play. More than simply a style of yoga, Integrated Vinyasa™ illuminates our relationship with Nature, our interconnectedness and an energetically sustainable approach to living fully. “Vinyasa” means to place intentionally and we believe a commitment to intentionality in both teaching yoga and living life will lead our graduates to be superlative teachers on and off the mat.



We have been a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School in good standing since 2007. Each year we meet and surpass the minimum requirements to maintain our registration and are constantly developing curriculum beyond the Yoga Alliance Registered 200 and 300 hour programs to provide opportunities for continuing education and specialization. All our senior faculty meet or exceed the Yoga Alliance minimum experience requirements.



School Founder & Director and Principal Teacher of our Teacher Trainings and Continuing Education Programs. Her passion lies in empowering teachers to hold space conducive to contemplation, transformation and healing. www.ginacaputo.com


Our Director of Teacher Trainings and CSOY alum with a Masters of Education, Tracey is passionate about teaching others how to create a sustainable yoga practice while maintaining the passion that initially brought them to their mats. www.traceygarciayoga.com


Our subtle body and Ayurveda guru. Master of the lunar art of Restorative Yoga, marma-chakra-nadi, and the practices involved in a living yoga practice. She is one of the founders of Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards, CO and a passionate hiker and uphill skier. www.juliaclarkeyoga.com


The most depth and organization of any workshops or trainings I have ever taken. And, this ability to be knowledgeable and passionate about what you are teaching dedicated to the transmission of it, while still being real and fun, is unique to you in the world of teacher trainings.

Sarah K, alum

CSOY is a space for people to become the protagonists of their own lives. The quality of education is the best, bar none and you are encouraged to integrate the materials into your own unique offering. The CSOY culture empowers students to challenge the status quo of yoga instruction with an intelligent, energetic collaboration of faculty, alumni, and peers!

Kirsten C, alum

Training with CSOY was simply the most powerful experience to date for both my practice and teaching. Diving deeper into the study of Yoga enabled growth, confidence, curiosity and a clear vision of exactly who I am as a teacher and how to authentically transmit that to my students.

Deb H, alum